The Work We Do:


  • We create effective educational resources to help teachers deliver cycling related learning within the existing national curriculum framework.

  • We work with local authority partners and agencies to facilitate inspiring cycling experinces.

  • We work with our partners to communicate a shared vision of getting more people cycling by creating greater access.

  • We campaign to get cycling on the national curriculum


Schools Out Reach Programme


  • Cycling Futures provides downloadable resources for use in the classroom.

  • Resources include lesson plans and activities which are all cycling related but deliver learning outcomes aligned with the national curriculum for literacy and numeracy.

  • Our classroom based learning is devised to offer schools the opportunity to engage children with cycling and its amazing range of benefits.


StreetVelodrome Track Experiences


  • Via the UK StreetVelodrome Series we offer exciting cycle sport experiences to school groups from within the partner local authority catchment area.

  • Pupils attending the events will have also benefited from the Schools Out Reach Programme.

  • StreetVelodrome Track Experinces offer expert one to one coaching provided by a professional elite rider.

  • Full equipment provision allowing all participants to enjoy a fun race experience.

  • Learning outcomes are; confidence in bike handling, core bike skills, insight into cycling as a sport, self esteem, sportsmanship and pride in achievement

  • Participation medals are awarded at the end of the experience.

CYCLINGFUTURES inspiring change

What is Cycling Futures? 


It is a ground breaking outreach programme with the aim of creating greater access to cycling within existing National Curriculum frameworks.


Cycling Futures is also a campaign organisation to champion the cause of getting cycling firmly supported on the National Curriculum. We believe it should be on the basis that cycling is a life skill, not merely a sport or leisure activity.


Cycling, unlike many other sports and physical activities currently supported by the National Curriculum, has a wider set of positive social economic impacts as well as recognised individual health and leisure benefits. 


Personal inactivity; a lack of personal mobility in young people hindering access to education, jobs and leisure; traffic congestion and environmental damaged caused by motor vehicles; poor cycling infrastructure which creates the perception of cycling being dangerous; all cost the UK ecomony billions. Inspiring more people to turn to cycling can play a critical part in addressing these issues.


Cycling Futures believes providing greater access to cycling at primary schools and by creating inspirational experiences at a younger age is the most effective means of ensuring future behaviour change, healthier life choices and more sustainble individual mobility.


Working with its partners Cycling Futures creates and makes available cycling based classroom resource packs and delivers inspirational cycling experinces for school and community groups. 


If you would like to know more about Cycling Futures and how to get involved please contact us now.